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EARTH DAY 2021: Join the challenge on 22 April

Millions of children’s lives are threatened by the global environmental crisis, especially those from marginalized communities and groups - including girls, Indigenous children, children living in poverty and those with disabilities. They are among those most affected and disempowered with respect to the environment, compounding existing inequities.

Thousends participated in our global social media challenge and spread awareness to environmental injustice among children using the #MyPlanetMyRights Earth Day Digital Toolkit (download)!



WORLD WATER DAY: Demand children’s right to clean water!, 22 March 2021

Each day more than 700 children under 5 years die from water and sanitation related disasters.
600 million children will live in regions with extremely limited water resources by 2040.
Millions of lives are threatened by the water crisis, particularly those that are most vulnerable and have contributed least to the problem. Governments must be held accountable and recognize children’s right to a healthy environment now.

Let’s create awareness on World Water Day on March 22th and get your action pack here!


During the Human Rights Council 46th session (22 February - 23 March) several governments will be planning to launch a joint statement calling for the recognition of the right to a healthy environment and inviting governments to co-sponsor. This is a critical moment for us to pressure governments to join. On 23 February we are launching a Tweetstorm, where individuals and organizations around the world will be calling on governments to recognize the right to a healthy environment on Twitter.

We invite you to participate using our Tweetstorm pack, including sample tweets, graphics and Human Rights Council Members Twitter Handles.





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